Many people will take up a fitness regime in a bid to lose fat. Unfortunately, they often find out that training on its own is not always enough to shift stubborn extra pounds.

You might be thinking ‘but Lorna, I know someone who last fat when they started training’. Yes, there are a lucky few that this works for. But it might be that if you look closer, you find out that their trainingprogramme was supplemented with better eating habits, better sleep and less exercise

You probably also know someone who spends their life at the gym and you never see a change. What is going on there? Most likely they haven’t changed any other part of their lifestyle. If they reward themselves each training session with a bar of chocolate, then they are probably eating more energy than they use up at the gym. I have also been witness to people who are too stressed in their jobs and lives and they only start to lose fat when they change their jobs and suddenly have less stress in their lives.

This difficulty to lose weight with training alone is the reason why I have teamed up with Joyce from EatLiveLoveFood, who has created the ‘6 Weeks to a Sexier, Healthier You‘. Joyce helps you to eat well, explaining which foods to eat or not to eat and why. She has a simple method where she plans your shopping and menus, making it all easy peasy.




What and how you eat is supremely important when it comes to weight loss, but when it comes to training, I prefer focusing on building a strong, fit and healthy body. Here are some of my tips:

Choose a way to train that you are more likely to adhere to. Find a way to train that you enjoy and that you are more likely to look forward to. It could be you prefer to be in a group session than going on your own to the gym.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Change your programme every 4-6 weeks. Your body gets used to doing the same thing and stops adapting when there is no new stimulus.

Lift weights. Increasing muscle mass can lead to better metabolic control.
Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise have a positive effect on insulin resistance, appetite control, blood pressure, etc

Try a sport. Some people find the competitive aspect so much fun they forget they are exercising.

Set a goal. 5km run, 1km open water swim, squat your body weight so that you have something else to work towards.

And remember your body chooses where it loses fat from first. You can’t train your tummy to make your tummy flatter.

Exercise-1The next start date of 6 Weeks to a Healthier, Sexier You! is the 19th of October.

Click here for more information about the programme and write to me at to sign up.



Author: Lorna Wilson

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