Strength training for improved performance, fat loss, and increased energy.

Your custom training programme is developed based on your biomechanics intake. As a biomechanics coach, I first gather movement information about your body that other personal trainers simply do not have.

This tells me what alignment and movement inefficiencies need to be worked on, in order for you to build a more resilient, unrestricted, and stronger body.

strength training

The personal training process

Our modern lifestyle, which includes extensive sitting and the same repetitive movements, takes an unfortunate toll on our bodies.

I use the tools of biomechanics, strength training, and massage therapy to deliver the best results possible.

After your biomechanics intake session, we proceed with 3-6 sessions of biomechanics training in order to help realign your body so that you get the most out of your strength training sessions.

Many clients come to me unable to effectively get into the proper position or move their body as requested. These biomechanics sessions ensure that you can perform each movement safely and effectively.

In short, we optimise your function and then build strength to reach your goals and maintain lasting results.

Training Packages


Not only do you get an introduction to the basic benefits of using Biomechanics Coaching, but you are also given the exercises necessary to continue improving when our sessions are finished.


3 Biomechanics Coaching Sessions

*to be used within a month of purchase




Have less injury, become more aligned, and start focusing on strength.

Receive a bespoke plan to improve how you move and work to make it stick.


6 Training Sessions combining
Biomechanics and Strength Coaching

*to be used within 3 months of purchase




This is your long-term, intense and sustainable training program to become both supple as a leopard and strong as an ox.

Get a more resilient and stronger body for both sport and daily life.


10 Training Sessions combining
Biomechanics and Strength Coaching

*to be used within 4 months of purchase



Other important details regarding training sessions

  • Biomechanics Coaching sessions last 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Massages are 30 minutes and take place after a Biomechanics Coaching Sessions. Extra sessions can be purchased.
  • Extra strength sessions can be purchased.
  • Extra Biomechanics Coaching sessions can be purchased.
  • No refunds are given after payment is received.
  • I run a 24-hour cancellation policy.  All sessions cancelled within this 24-hour period will incur a 100% charge.
  • Biomechanics sessions take place at: Gymbase / Overtoom 371 / 1054 JN Amsterdam

Ready to get started?

Send me an email to inquire further about pricing, available times for training, and your specific training needs. I’m looking forward to helping you reach your goals!