Are you experiencing running pain?

Is knee, ankle or hip pain preventing you from reaching your goals or enjoying your run?

Stop feeling frustrated with your body and start running better.

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Roughly 80% of runners experience regular injury each year. However, the site of that injury's pain isn't usually the cause of it, rendering many treatments unsuccessful.

Many clients have come to me after having little or mild success with different therapies, such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, and sports massage.

They've also tried foam rolling, stretching, running analysis, and changing their running shoes. Yet they're still unsatisfied with their run, their running pain has not been resolved or it returns after a few weeks.

Many runners have come to me with the fear that might have to give up something they truly love doing or suffer through the discomfort.

The biggest problem with previous treatments and approaches comes down to a basic principle of movement:

The pattern of a body’s chain of motion follows the path of least resistance.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, let’s look at static or non-moving posture first.

As you probably know, the majority of people spend most of their day sitting. This causes a lot of problems with our resting posture. Think slumped forward shoulders and rounded backs.

How are you sitting right now? Would you consider that good posture? Try, right now, to get into proper postural alignment and stay there ... This takes some effort, right?

Your body wants to default back into that less than ideal posture. Because it doesn't take an effort to hold; it's the path of least resistance.

common running pain

Now, take this same idea and apply it to movement. If there are muscle imbalances or restrictions (due to desk work, overtraining, etc.) pulling your body into a position that's less than ideal for running mechanics, your body will default into this path of least resistance and cause either pain and injury or suboptimal performance.

Thus, the path of least resistance won't keep us from becoming injured or get us to our best run time.

In fact, many people run with less than ideal biomechanics. And this is what leads to recurring injuries that prevent us from enjoying our run or successfully completing a marathon.

The good news is, with the right exercises and releases, you can you train your body to move in the path which reduces the risk of injury and increases performance, so you can fully enjoy running again.

There are a series of screens and specialized exercises that can be performed that result in a more balanced body -- which is a stronger and more resilient body.

Isn't time you finally made the effort to restore your body?

testimonial quote

“Before sessions with Lorna, I could only run for 5 km before feeling pain. Prior to this, I successfully ran 4 half marathons without any major problems. I had tried many sessions with a physical therapist, including dry needling and a running analysis, but without any success.
After 10 biomechanics sessions with Lorna, I was back running 9.5 km pain-free!”
– Christien

What happens during a biomechanics coaching session?

During a biomechanics coaching session, I perform a series of screens or assessments that tell me more about how your body is moving. If there is poor mechanics going on, I prescribe specialized exercises to help retrain your body to move as efficiently as the human body is designed to do.

You get the results you've been looking for because:

** You receive a tailored program based on our biomechanics sessions (designed with information about your movement that other personal trainers don't have).

** I follow up with you via email and text to ensure you're performing your movement homework.

** Help you achieve ownership of your own progression. I don't just resolve the issue and send you out the door. With coaching, you become a fine-tuned machine for life.

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