Testimonials are reflections of our work, valuable feedback that shapes and defines our future development. On top of that, they also serve as recommendations.

Here’s the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

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[title size=”2″]About Personal Training and Biomechanics[/title]
[testimonial name=”Tim – Office worker” gender=”male” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

Before training with Lorna I was experiencing high levels of stress and was suffering from low energy levels.

I chose Lorna as her biomechanics experience really appealed to me. I struggled with back pain due to sitting in an office all day, I wanted to remedy this and also improve my fitness levels.

Lorna tailored a program for my specific needs. After 6 months I feel much stronger and my energy levels have improved massively. I no longer have back pain and she has given me the tools and understanding of how to manage my body more effectively.

Lorna has really pushed my fitness levels too which has made me feel so much better in other aspects of my life. I would fully recommend her to anyone.

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[testimonial name=”Christien – Runner” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

Initially, I was hesitant about contacting Lorna, since I didn’t feel I was athletic enough to qualify for biomechanics training. She was quick to put me at ease though, once I finally did sign up, and I’m really glad I did, since it’s made a huge difference in my running. Whereas before, running could be very frustrating because my knee or hip or ankle would play up, I’ve had next to no problems since our first few sessions. The exercises were so simple that at first I was skeptical while doing them, but they’ve proven incredibly effective. It’s been great to see and feel all the improvements!

On top of that, Lorna is a great person to work with. She’s very good at explaining what she’s doing and everything involved in biomechanics, and happy to change the program to suit your needs. She’s very encouraging as well, a good motivator, pushing you without nagging: this has been the first time I’ve actually kept up the exercises I’m meant to be doing, instead of stopping after two or maybe three weeks, like I usually did when a physical therapist set me exercises. I always look forward to our sessions: in addition to being very helpful, they’re fun and I always go home eager to put everything into practice.

I would recommend working with Lorna to anyone who would like their body to be moving better, or who has long-term issues where physical therapy etc only provides temporary relief.

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[testimonial name=”Valerie – Runner” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

When I first saw Lorna’s card, I was intrigued. I would suffer from IT band issues and was willing to try biomechanics, although I knew very little about it. Well, Lorna seemed nice , and the fact that she was also an athlete, meant she had experienced both sides of the issue, ie as a practitioner and an athlete. So, I watched the introductory videos and arrived at my first appointment slightly apprehensive, a bit like going to the dentist as a child ….but Lorna put me at my ease immediately, explaining everything she did as we went along.

Results were immediate! I felt like years had been knocked off my body ! Tightness is a thing of the past ! My muscles feel as if they are singing when I run. I love how easy the exercises are to do. It seems crazy that something so simple can have such a big effect. I am more aware of my posture and enjoy how flexible my body now feels.

What I like best about Lorna, is how well she listens. The fact that she explains why I’m doing what I’m doing makes me feel like a part of the solution, so it’s not a chore when I’m doing my exercises. She helps me fit the exercises into my day as well – so no excuses!

Lorna’s services are “Easy and Effective” and I would recommend them to everyone. Get the best out of your body and improve your quality of life – it’s never too late ! and it’s never too early ! Lorna can help you rediscover the joy of movement and you’ll have fun doing it too.

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[testimonial name=”Lizette – triathlete and crossfitter” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

I know Lorna through the triathlon group where she is well known as a miracle worker! When I started cross fit I noticed that my left gluteal muscle wasn’t firing properly and I experienced some discomfort in my left hip, my core was also not as strong as it should be. So off to Lorna I went… after a couple of sessions I felt a lot more balanced and my workouts were much better!
I cannot recommend Lorna more to make sure your body is working together as one!

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[testimonial name=”Paul – Runner” gender=”male” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

I wanted to thank you for helping me get back to the starting line! Sunday I ran my 1st race in almost 4 years. I finished a 10k, and aside from soreness due to a hilly course – and not training on hills, I’m feeling good and could not have gotten to this point without your help and encouragement!

So I hope this is just the beginning, that I can maintain the foundation we started last year as I’m still using the exercises you gave me to for strengthening and to keep everything in balance. I’d like to keep building it up slowly and see where it takes me.

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[testimonial name=”Cristina” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

I decided to start looking for a personal trainer after I found out I was pregnant. It was something I had always contemplated but wasn’t sure if that would be a good option for me. I’ve never considered myself a very fit person and was a bit apprehensive about the method and whether the money would be worth it.

Working out with Lorna allowed me to still feel active and fit during my pregnancy, which was challenging from the start. She is warm and nice and made me at ease quite early on. She is also quite flexible to accommodate my schedule, which was definitely a plus. She also adjusted the sessions to how I felt and the different stages of progress of my pregnancy which was great. I’ve been working out with her until the end of my pregnancy and I feel that’s helped significantly to avoid any major back problems which I tend to suffer. I would recommend training with her to anybody who is unsure or feels a bit lazy about working out. It definitely gives you a boost of confidence and it’s the right type of help to make sure you don’t get out of your work outs!

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[testimonial name=”Milva” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

Training with Lorna gave me a better quality of life. I was experiencing some pain when walking and going down on my knee. Now I can walk better and I can go down on my knee again. I don’t have back pain all day, and when I get it I do the easy exercises Lorna taught me. My shoulders and neck are more relaxed.

Being pain-free almost all day means I am less grumpy and have a more positive attitude.

Our sessions have made me love to move throughout the day, to take a walk or go for bike rides. I still think of myself as a lazy person, but less lazy than before. :)

Something I love about working with Lorna is that even though I train hard, she makes it feel so easy. I always look forward to our sessions. I also really appreciate that she really pays attention to me and as soon as she sees something not quite right with how I move she comes up with an exercise to help.

I would recommend Lorna to anyone that experiences pain, to anyone that doesn’t feel comfortable to go to the gym and to anyone who wants to feel more comfortable with themselves – because of her dedication, attention to details and commitment to get her clients in better shape.

Lastly, I really enjoy our chats during the workouts. They work sometimes as distractions from the effort of the exercises and from thinking that I can’t do it. I just do it!

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[testimonial name=”Tim” gender=”male” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Movement improvement – those are the two words I would use to describe my experience with Lorna’s biomechanics coaching. I came to Lorna with the aim to improve and learn about my body’s natural mobility, hoping to expel the occasional nag in my knee in the process. I imagined it would take quite some time to notice any changes in my movement and posture. From a biomechanics point of view, however, the improvement was visible within the first few of days after our first session. Lorna uses our sessions efficiently to measure and explore my body’s mobility, targeting for areas where improvements can be gained. In the process, she takes the time to answer my questions and explain her observations. By prescribing simple daily exercises to loosen and re-activate underused muscles, Lorna has helped me improve the mobility in my hips, lower back, and shoulders within a matter of weeks. From an athletic point of view, the increase in my general mobility has improved my balance and made me more aware of my movements during all my physical activities, from surfing to sitting on a chair. Together with Lorna’s enthusiasm for sports, this has actually motivated me to move more and explore what else my body is capable of. And my knee is liking it too! In short, Lorna clearly knows her stuff and practices what she preaches. I would recommend biomechanics coaching with Lorna to anyone who seeks to improve their movement and their movement experience.[/testimonial]
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[testimonial name=”Margot” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Lorna is erg geduldig en legt op verzoek goed uit waarom een oefening werkt of zou moeten werken. Je ziet Lorna eerst denken in plaats van meteen te handelen. Dit is voor mij maatwerk. Ze luistert goed naar de klant en haar werk is effectief en praktisch. Het effect van de oefeningen is zo duidelijk merkbaar dat het doen van de oefeningen een dagelijkse routine is geworden. Dat is nog nooit iemand gelukt. Ik zou Lorna aanbevelen aan mensen met een geschiedenis van klachten en die al verschillende keren fysiotherapeuten, manueel therapeuten e.d. hebben bezocht en die desondanks nog niet klachtenvrij zijn.[/testimonial]
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[testimonial name=”Ashley” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]In the beginning I had some doubts on whether the biomechanics approach would work. The exercises seem so small that you think, really? This tiny push four times for 20 seconds three times a day is going to change things? I need to be straining and sweating or being painfully massaged! But, turns out, that’s not true.
When we started working together I couldn’t run more than 5k without pain down the back of my leg. I tried a few physio’s and massage therapists and sometimes there was temporary relief, but ultimately the pain would come back. The biomechanics approach took a while to work, but it has. I recently completed a half marathon with no pain. Sometimes now, I’ll have brief spasms of the pain, but now I know the biomechanics exercises that calm it down and it’s just like any other sore muscle or cramp that you work through in the course of training.
I really liked that you have a consistent approach. Every session was a top to bottom assessment and we just systematically worked through all the trouble spots until my whole body was moving freely. I never felt like we were “chasing the pain” around from one spot to the next like I have with other treatments.
I would (and have!) recommend your services to anyone struggling with a constant, niggling, perhaps un-diagnosable problem. In other words, there no tear, or strain, or break. I used to say that my leg had “malaise” because no doctor/physio/massage person could tell me exactly what was wrong with it. It just hurt. I’m sure biomechanics would help with the recovery from more precise injuries too, but I think the sort of undefinable, frustrating ones are where it has the biggest benefit. I would recommend you as a professional because I was quickly comfortable with you, you were organised and remembered the details of my specific case. Plus we could talk triathlon while you were moving me around. :-)
I would advise anyone starting with biomechanics to be a bit patient because it’s not always an immediate result, but if you do the exercises (which are really easy to incorporate into your everyday life. i.e. you can do many while sitting at your desk at the office or while watching TV at home), you will fix your problem.[/testimonial] [separator top=”20″]
[testimonial name=”Lidy” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Ik had nog nooit gehoord van een “Biomechanics Trainer” en was op zoek naar iemand die mij kon helpen n’n lichaam in evenwicht te krijgen om zo blessures te voorkomen.Ik was blij door mijn dochter over jouw praktijk getipt te worden. Door me eenvoudige oefeningen te leren, wist je de balans her en der te herstellen en “slechte” plekken te verbeteren. Ik denk dat ik van sommige oefeningen m’n leven lang profijt zal hebben, m.n. van degene die m’n onderrug en schouder los houden. Het feit dat je flexibel was met de afspraaktijden, maakte dat ik de fietstocht naar je praktijkruimte altijd makkelijk kon combineren met andere activiteiten. Het was prettig met je te werken, je bent vriendelijk, duidelijk en enthousiast.[/testimonial] [separator top=”20″]

[testimonial name=”Marijcke” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Sinds 5 jaar is triathlon mijn sport, waarbij ik nu 2 keer een hele afstand heb gedaan. Al het trainen is een behoorlijke belasting op mijn lichaam. Voordat ik bij Lorna aan de slag ging merkte ik dat ik vaak stijf wakker werd ‘s ochtends en ook had ik vaak last van meer spierpijn aan mijn rechterbeen dan links. Ergens in mijn lichaam zat er toch iets ‘scheef’ of werkten er bepaalde spieren niet mee. Core stability? Wel van gehoord, maar het had niet echt mijn aandacht… Na het doen van de oefeningen die Lorna me heeft gegeven merk ik dat ik meer flexibiliteit krijg in mijn rug. Ik kom makkelijker uit bed in de ochtend! Daarnaast is het verschil in spierpijn aan de rechter en linkerkant verdwenen. Ik voel me sterker en meer in balans. Dit merk ik bij het sporten, vooral bij het hardlopen en fietsen. Na een lange fietstocht afgelopen weekend, nauwelijks last de dag erna! [/testimonial]
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[testimonial name=”Janine” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I decided to sign up for Biomechanics sessions with Lorna because I wanted to work on improving the way I moved – in particular my body alignment, range of motion and core stability to help my triathlon performances. Like most triathletes I’m always looking for those little gains that will help to get me stronger and faster!
I liked that there were regular assessments to ‘keep me honest’ and give me the opportunity every couple of weeks to see how the body was getting more aligned and moving better – important for a performance driven triathlete! And I knew that once the mobility improved then it was time to progress to the strength work which was good motivation to do all the exercises.
The sessions with Lorna have definitely helped me to improve my mobility and range of motion and I’m now working on developing more strength and holding onto the gains made on the mobility. I’ve managed to keep myself pretty injury free this season and I believe one of the contributing factors is the alignment and strengthening work that I’ve been doing with Lorna.
I initially signed up for 5 sessions and have just signed up for another 5. Lorna is a great motivator and it’s fantastic to have a trainer who also shares a passion of Triathlon. I’m looking forward to working on this over the winter months and seeing further improvements early next season in my triathlon performance & just generally in my overall wellbeing. [/testimonial]
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[testimonial name=”Tamara” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]

I had never heard of biomechanics before, until an introductory and explanatory session during a triathlon training camp. I was intrigued, but skeptical, as the movements we did seemed so minor, I wasn’t sure how it could help. I was having issues for almost a year now with shin splints, and seemed to have tried everything, but biomechanics (videotaping your run to get shoes to correct your gate, physical therapy, diet, different warm ups and cool downs, etc) so I thought I would give it a shot.
Quickly after a I started sessions with Lorna, in a few weeks really, my shin pain went away, and hasn’t come back since. I felt that my posture was much better aligned, and my movement when walking and running was smoother. People also commented that my running form, and general posture was looking a lot better.
While I went for shin splints, I have had a permanent injury and chronic shoulder pain and tension from many years of swimming and water polo. I have done physical therapy, and dry needling to release the tension. However, nothing has helped as much as the biomechanics releases, and for the first time since I am pain free, I can easily sit up straight, and my shoulders move much more freely.
I really like that Lorna is very passionate about her work, and a very easy person to talk to and get along with, which makes the sessions very enjoyable, even very early in the morning.
I’ve already recommended her to some people! I especially think Biomechanics could benefit people with long term body issues. I think it is good to do this complete body evaluation, as you might not be aware how some things are linked, or how some of your body has been limited.

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[testimonial name=”Noelle” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I’ve been working with Lorna as my personal trainer for nearly two years and have seen a huge difference in my strength, endurance and definition. I hadn’t done any exercise for years and this was the only way I could get myself motivated. Lorna has a great sense of how to challenge and motivate me and is very attuned to the goals I want to achieve. I’ve run 5 races since I started with her and now have the energy and desire to train even between sessions![/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Carla” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Thank you for all your help over the last few years, it’s changed my life![/testimonial]

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[testimonial name=”Julie” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””] On a lovely autumn day in October 2011, I first participated in Lorna’s bootcamp in Vondelpark. Two years later, I continue to attend weekly bootcamps and I now also meet with Lorna individually once a week. I’ve stuck with it, rain or shine, because Lorna is such a great trainer. She has helped me to achieve my personal goals, which included running Amsterdam’s famous Dam to Dam (10 miles) race for the past two years and to build overall strength and muscle tone.
I enjoy the camaraderie among participants in bootcamp and I appreciate that Lorna shakes it up every week by offering different exercises so it doesn’t get boring and we’re always working different muscle groups. Lorna does a great job of offering exercises that everyone can do, no matter their fitness level. She often gives two or three different options for a given exercise to ensure everybody can participate and that everybody feels challenged. In addition, I feel Lorna’s fee for bootcamp is extremely reasonable for the quality of the training.
During my personal training sessions, Lorna is constantly assessing my progress, changing up my routine based on my progress and encouraging me to achieve my personal best. I often feel surprised by the progress that I continue to make and am certain I couldn’t have done it without Lorna’s guidance.
Lorna is committed to expanding her knowledge and offering the most cutting-edge approaches to training. During the time I’ve known her, she has attended numerous seminars and workshops and has gained a certification in biomechanics. She regularly applies this knowledge by making recommendations, introducing new exercises or talking with her clients about what she has learned.
Without question, I recommend Lorna’s services to people at any fitness level.[/testimonial]
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[testimonial name=”Francisca” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I am really not a gym person; I could never motivate myself to go after a long day at work. For the last two years I have been training with Lorna and I enjoy it a lot! She comes to my apartment once a week and always comes up with new fun exercises targeted to my fitness level and goals. If you are looking for a way to include sports in your busy routine, I highly recommend training with Lorna!
My first target was to participate in a 5km run. I never thought I could manage and it felt really good.
I injured myself and am now trying to build up my muscles to start running again. Lorna helped me a lot with fun exercises targeted to my needs to gain the strength I need to get back into running. I highly recommend training with Lorna as she is a very experienced runner herself.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”James” gender=”male” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Just wanted to say I work on the 19th floor of my building and I sometimes walk up. But not for many months. Did it today and it wasn’t that hard! You’ve really made a difference to my fitness.?[/testimonial]

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[title size=”2″]About Boot Camp[/title]
[testimonial name=”Chris” gender=”male” company=”” link=”#” target=””]If you are looking for an alternative to your usual gym session, then I would definitely recommend Lorna’s bootcamp! If like me you have spent the whole week planning your work it’s so nice to just turn up and take part in a well thought out and planned outdoor training session. I find it very motivating and also fun training with other people and as there is a good mix of ability and ages I can feel comfortable training at my own pace but also find that I push myself when my competitiveness streak kicks in.[/testimonial]
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[testimonial name=”Michelle” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I started working with Lorna just after Xmas. I signed up for the early morning class on Thursdays based on the theory there is no gain without pain and exercising at 6.30 in the morning in all weathers is the definition of that! I was worried about joining an exercise group as I had let my exercise routine slip and I knew I was unfit. It would hurt so getting started again – that was the worse thing – but to my surprise after a few weeks I started to get fitter, started to enjoy it and signed up for the next session! I like buying my exercise routine in 6 week blocks – it offers great flexibility. It is very ‘bonding’ exercising with a group of people and a specific instructor. Lorna is able to correct posture etc. to maximize effectiveness of each session and tailor exercises to suit my level of fitness and various injuries. Exercising outdoors is very therapeutic, the weather hasn’t been an issue at all and I’ve met new people.
I have achieved my initial goals since joining the class:
The tight jean test has been passed!
I feel generally better as definition returns to my frame!
I’m enjoying exercising again!
Forget your misconceptions about boot camp and give this a try – Lorna has a calm, sensible and reassuring attitude to exercise ensuring that you never feel intimidated in a macho environment. Over the weeks my programme has been adapted as my fitness improves to ensure that I ache just a little bit after each class! And that feels really good! I’ve spent thousands of pounds and hours at various gyms over the years but without the progress I feel I’ve made since Xmas I now attend 3 of Lorna’s sessions a week so you cannot get much better endorsement than that![/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”David” gender=”male” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I’m really enjoying your classes so far and I’m pleased to see progress already! (20 burpees this morning was a nice bit of positive reinforcement!)You’re a pleasure to work with you and you seem to attract a really nice group of ‘students’ — everyone seems relaxed and down to earth, and fun too.[/testimonial]

[title size=”2″]About Buggyfit[/title]
[testimonial name=”Lauren” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Just wanted to say thanks for all the Buggy Fit classes. Sorry I couldn’t continue due to work, but I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the classes and they really helped me get back in shape after Eli![/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Dani” gender=”female” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I joined the Amsterdam Buggyfit group a few months ago, looking to rebuild my strength after giving birth to our first daughter. For me, Lorna has proven to be the perfect combination of a professional approach, a deep understanding of a woman’s recovery process after delivery and a gentle (but firm) encouragement to give my best. It’s great to feel stronger, fitter and so highly motivated!
Until I found the group I was really beginning to wonder what I could do to improve my physical and mental well-being. As an expatriate it also provides a great social opportunity for my daughter and I.
In addition to the training aspect I have the fantastic opportunity to meet other mums from all over the world & share experiences over a cup of tea after the lessons!
Ultra child-friendly fitness training with a great social element included. Who could say no to that?![/testimonial]

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[title size=”2″]Why would you recommend Wilson’s Workouts? – Anonymous survey 2013[/title]
[checklist icon=”arrow” iconcolor=”dark” circle=”no”]
  • Good training, very personal service, reasonable price.
  • I would definitely recommend you and have done so. I find you very approachable, professional and have enjoyed the Boot Camp sessions a lot. A great way to exercise.
  • I think it is good value and the coaching is of a high standard.
  • Group is diverse. Helps you develop things that you ordinarily wouldn’t. Help to be consistent with workouts.
  • It’s a motivating and different way to train.
  • Convenient and fun (at times : ) ). Lorna is a motivator and is willing to give tips and find out info if she feels it will benefit yourself.
  • It’s what a personal trainer should be like, focusing on each client individually, understanding clients’ needs and weaknesses (muscle wise).
  • You work hard and you deserve it.

[checklist icon=”arrow” iconcolor=”dark” circle=”no”]
  • I think it is good value and the coaching is of a high standard.
  • I have recommended you to others interested in exercising more because I enjoy Boot Camp and I think it has helped to improve my performance, strengthen my muscles, and generally make me more healthy.
  • It’s at a handy time, handy location and in English!
  • They are the only thing that makes me exercise. I find it improves my mood and helps me deal with stress. It’s always fun and challenging, so even when I don’t feel like going, I’m so glad I did!
  • Excellent training sessions adjusted to your goals.
  • I enjoyed it, and I’d recommend to anyone who wants to get fit.
  • Really got results when training towards the wedding.

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]You get an overall strength training that is good to combine with all sports. Anybody can do the exercises, with a few adjustments if you are injured in some way. And it’s good for you to be outdoors! The other services I have not used, but I for example find it a fabulous idea to get a PTcoming to your home (lot’s of people have busy lives, kids, don’t want to pay for an expensive gym card etc).[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I would recommend Boot Camp to fellow runners as a good cross training. I felt much stronger training for my last half marathon that I do for the current one. I would also recommend to any friends who are looking to get fit or lose some weight.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I often do! You’re a great instructor, trainer, motivator, and role model. You are very professional and you genuinely care about the safety of your clients. I learn so much every time I’m in your class. I know that anyone I send to you is in very good hands.[/testimonial]

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[title size=”2″]What do you like about the sessions? – Anonymous survey 2013[/title]
[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Diversity of clientele, different age groups. I work at things I wouldn’t ordinarily do. I feel that Lorna pays attention to each client. Have come to enjoy working outside.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]”It’s great being outside with a group of good people and Lorna egging us on.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]You push us without being mean or scary. The classes are fun and there’s usual some laughing going on :-)[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Good workout, knowledgeable trainer and made it fun.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Concentrated on core strength and felt like this really made a difference to my body shape and also problems like back pain from sitting at the computer all day.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Informal atmosphere, everybody gets to challenge as much as they want with some pressure.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Being part of a group.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Variety of exercise and being outside.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]I like the morning workout as it meant that I could make it to work and still did my training. I also like that such different muscles were trained. Great overall workout.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]The attention to form, the fast progress and improvement, tough but friendly (and fun!) training.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Variety of exercise and being outside.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]You get straight into it and can do it from home too.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Good sense of when to challenge me and when things are too hard. Always interesting.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]The variety of activities, coaching on proper technique, interacting with other people.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Great Coaching! A good balance and variety of exercises set at a good price.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]The Personal Touch.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Group workouts, outdoors.[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”” gender=”” company=”” link=”#” target=””]Variety of exercises.[/testimonial]