We are now in the last week of January. It is typically a time of the year when goals are already made and broken. Have you set goals? How are you getting on?

2021 goals

Putting in the miles!

If you find it hard to set up your fitness goals, here are 3 of my top tips for setting them..

  1. Pick something you want to achieve
    My first goal of this year is to run 60km. Since I ran an Ultra marathon a few years ago (an ultra marathon is a running distance over the marathon distance) it has been something I have wanted to achieve again for a while. Given there is still a feeling of uncertainty of when triathlons will happen this year, I decided now was a good moment to start training for it.

    Of course, this distance of running isn’t for everyone, so each goal you set, should be in line with what YOU want to achieve. It might be that you want to run 5km as fast as you can or cycle 100km for the first time. I also have clients who want to be able to do full push-ups. You want to know that once you have achieved it you will feel good and proud of yourself for achieving it.

  2. Pick something realistic
    While you want to be challenged, keep your goal realistic. My goal is realistic because I have a history of running consistently; I have run marathons and completed many triathlons.

    However, when I started running 60km was not realistic and my first goal was to run a 5km which felt like a huge achievement and an equally huge challenge at the time.So make sure you pick something that both scares you a little and is something that is realistic in the timeframe you have.

  3. Get some help
    Getting some help can come in many ways. For me, I have a triathlon coach who helps with planning my workouts and we have a check in once a month to see how I am doing. This is of great help as it means I have to think less about how I am going to get there and more about the training itself.

    Other ways you can get help are, for example, by joining a club or group, getting a personal trainer or you can ask a friend to join you in the challenge and you can train together.

As you can see, putting a few things in place when picking your fitness goal will already be a great first step in achieving your fitness goal for 2021. What are you planning? Let me know.

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