Business Wellness Programme

The IMoveFreely Business Wellness is an 8 week programme designed to improve general movement, reduce stiffness and discomfort. The programme is based on the biomechanics research taught  by Biomechanics Education:

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How does it work?

The programme runs for a period of 8 weeks over zoom (or equivalent) and follows the following structure:

  • 3 week focus on pelvis – When sitting for long periods of time in the same position, our pelvis muscles can become grumpy and it can cause movement to be restricted. This, in turn, can give a feeling of stiffness. Movement is a great way to free up the pelvis and the IMoveFreely techniques are a good way to do this. 
  • 2 week focus on back – Same as the pelvis, our lower and mid backs need to move. When we are in the same position for a whole day we can find movement deteriorates. For example, if the upper back loses some of its rotation movement, the lower back may be called in to take over, but the lower back doesn’t always like this compensatory movement and may become painful. Often, lower back pain comes from another part of the body. By helping the body move well we can reduce the chance of pain.
  • 3 week focus on shoulders – Sitting in front of the computer the whole day isn’t necessarily the worst thing you can do, but if you are not taking the time to move regularly you may find compensations occurring. This can make your shoulders uncomfortable and it is hard to get yourself out of a rounded forward position. IMoveFreely exercises are a good first step to giving more freedom in your shoulders and into a more comfortable position.

Each week, there will be two sessions, each of 10-15 minutes. 

The first session is live and online, at the start of the week, to introduce the exercises and do them together with the team.

As it is recommended to do these exercises daily (to get the most benefit), a video will be supplied to the team so that they can go to the next level and do some extra work themselves.

At the end of each week, there is another live online session completing the exercises of the week one more time and to round up the week.

You can choose to set up a WhatsApp (or similar) to keep the group motivated and accountable.

Other important details regarding training sessions

Exercises are not going to make you sweat, however they are best done in comfortable clothes. A mat can be useful to perform exercises that are lying down and a resistance band gives some options to do some work that uses strength. 

Note, this is a base programme; if you are interested in other options, changes can be made.

If you want to learn more about the programme, book a call with Lorna!