What to Expect at a First Session

The video below is what you can expect during your first biomechanics session with me. I wanted to make something that helped take away the uncertainty of coming to see me for a screening for the first time. This screening process allows me to find out what exercises to give to clients that are specific to how [...]

How to write a Christmas workout

Every year in the week leading up to Christmas, I do a fun workout for my group classes called "12 Exercises of Christmas"  Basically, you use the song “The twelve days of Christmas”, do you know it? If not here is someone singing it better than I could 😉 To summarise, the first few lines go: 🎶 On [...]

How to adapt your training to your menstrual cycle

As you may have seen, I was recently training for a hyrox competition. I normally train with a triathlon coach and although I did consider hiring a hyrox coach at first, I decided  that going for a first Hyrox race and having only 7 weeks of training probably wasn’t really worth it. So, I [...]

Winter blues?

Daylight saving time has now ended, and with less daylight during this time of the year, some of us can experience the winter blues. If you feel like you have the blues from the darker days, which results in wanting to train less, you are not alone. Multiple studies have demonstrated that engagement in physical activities can help alleviate [...]

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Launching a new class

I am launching a new class, and you are the first ones to learn about it! My new Strength and Movement class is focused on strength and movement (as the title implies 😀 ) for mainly women over 35. We will focus on strength exercises using minimal equipment. There will be two types of classes: one will be a live [...]

Leading up to Menopause

Are you a woman in your 40's or starting your 50's and you are noticing changes in how your body works despite doing the same sport? Are you eating the same as you did in your 30's but now you experience some strange symptoms that you are not used to? These can be symptoms of peri-menopause. During this period not all of [...]

My new office reveal

As I mentioned here, we moved into a new house earlier this year. With it came the much dreamed chance to have a new office. I put a call out to you guys to help me come up with ideas on how I could design the room, with specific emphasis on the background for zoom classes and [...]

Thinking about pain 

Pain is a complicated subject. And as I come closer to a big race I am training for, I am sure likely to feel aches and pains as I always do. And then, no doubt, after the race, the pains will just disappear. It is really interesting how our bodies and minds are connected. A bit [...]

What can help women during perimenopause 

Perimenopause is the time around menopause when your ovaries gradually stop working. This is a natural process that can cause physical and emotional symptoms, but in the years that lead up to menopause (and beyond), there are many things we can do to help the transition. Every woman will experience this transition differently. Some [...]

I have a new home office and need your help! 

For many years I have thought I’d like to have an office in my home where I could work on administration, client programmes, marketing, etc. Once I added online training sessions to my schedule, I wanted this even more, as asking my husband to move out of the living room every Thursday evening to do [...]

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