What to Expect at a First Session

The video below is what you can expect during your first biomechanics session with me. I wanted to make something that helped take away the uncertainty of coming to see me for a screening for the first time. This screening process allows me to find out what exercises to give to clients that are specific to how [...]

How Words Can Affect How We Move

Have you ever thought that how we talk during our workout can affect how we move and perform? An essential part of my work is to be mindful of how I instruct my clients. There can be a fine balance between a good and a bad experience. Words are extremely powerful tools that we can use to uplift [...]

Getting back to training

  I recently had to take a forced break from the volume of training I am used to doing. I had about 8 weeks of one thing after another happening to me. It started with covid, which took about a month to clear. Slightly worried I wouldn’t be ready to train hard, I still [...]

How A ‘Keeping The Brain Healthy’ Course, Made Me Go To The Dentist

  How a 'Keeping the Brain Healthy' course, made me go to the dentist! In this blog, I want to share some of what I have been learning about how lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on your brain. The less fun news is that in the UK, Dementia and Alzheimers are the leading [...]

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EVERY Body Is A Bikini BODY

What does this mean to you? Can anyone wear a bikini? Is it an unusual statement? I am curious to know what you think. Every year around this time we are bombarded by messages like “get in shape for the summer”, “get into bikini body shape”, “how to make your body summer-ready”, and “get a bikini body [...]

Tips for 2022 Fitness Goals

Happy New Year! We are now into January. It is typically a time of the year when goals are already made and broken. Have you set goals? How are you getting on? If you find it hard to set up your fitness goals, here are 3 of my top tips for setting them. Pick something [...]


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