Workshop – Biomechanic Coaching for runners

Do you want to get the most out of your running? This is a workshop for runners. We'll partner up to learn key Biomechanics Coaching screening techniques and achieve direct results. You will take away invaluable DIY exercises that will help you feeling more free and aligned, boost your performance and reduce the chance of [...]

Biomechanics Coaching Classes

Get more out of your running when you are not running A programme for runners that want to get the most out of their running. [button color="green" size="small" gradient1="" gradient2="" link="" target=""]Sign up now[/button]   Only 10 places available "With less pain and worries, running definitely gets more fun" - Joost "my shin pain went [...]

Success of Alignment – Biomechanics Coaching Workshop

Success of Alignment Biomechanics Coaching Workshop - 2 July High-achieving athletes: [checklist icon="arrow" iconcolor="light" circle="yes"] Train more efficiently. Achieve more with less injury. Perform at a higher level. [/checklist] Discover how Biomechanics Coaching can get you doing just that by coming to Wilson's Workshop Success of Alignment. What to expect: [checklist icon="arrow" iconcolor="light" circle="yes"] Partner [...]


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