Do you want to get the most out of your running?

This is a workshop for runners. We’ll partner up to learn key Biomechanics Coaching screening techniques and achieve direct results. You will take away invaluable DIY exercises that will help you feeling more free and aligned, boost your performance and reduce the chance of injury. 


Where: Sport 371, Overtoom 371, 1054 JN Amsterdam

When: Saturday, 1 April 2017  14:00-15:30


  • €45 – Regular Rate
  • €35 – Early bird rate (If you book before the 25th of March 2017)

Only 8 spots available. Make sure you: [button color=”blue” size=”small” gradient1=”dark blue” gradient2=”light blue” link=”” target=””]Sign up now[/button]


“With less pain and worries, running definitely gets more fun” – Joost

“My shin pain went away, and hasn’t come back” –  Tamara


Why join?

1. You want to run faster. You simply want to run faster. You are putting in the effort but want better results.

2. You want to run further. You get to a certain distance and running doesn’t feel good anymore. You want to run the distances of your running mates but you just can’t do it.

3. You have a niggling pain and don’t know why. You have a recurring or constant pain that no one can explain. You are fed up with it and it is affecting your running.

4. Your body doesn’t feel right when running. You can’t put your finger on it but you know something doesn’t feel right when you are running. You have some discomfort or feel like you are no longer aligned.

5. Running is no fun anymore. You have started and stopped running due to injury, discomfort or lack of progress and want to enjoy running again.

Only 8 spots available. Make sure you: [button color=”red” size=”small” gradient1=”dark blue” gradient2=”light blue” link=”” target=””]Sign up now[/button]

*All participants will enjoy special rates on full Wilson Workout’s Biomechanics Training packages.

I am Lorna Wilson. I am a marathon runner, a triathelete and a hard-working woman with a freely moving body. I am also a personal trainer specialising in biomechanics for high-achieving athletes. I am here to get you a freely-moving body that is aligned, active and prepared for success.


Author: Lorna Wilson

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