Online Pelvis Biomechanics course.

How to Build a Supple & Strong Body for better movement in your daily life, and efficiency in sports 

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Book now the 21 day, Pelvis Biomechanics course.

The pelvis plays a major role in not only the lower body, such as leg length discrepancies, low back pain, and sciatica, but also the upper body, including shoulder pain.

This course will provide:

  • A self screening of your current pelvic movement 
  • A daily video of exercises on how to improve pelvic function, 21 in total
  • A daily PDF of the same exercises that you can view online, 21 in total
  • The downloadable video of the same exercises, 21 in total

Duration: 21 days

Price: 20 euro 

This course will allow you to re-align your mechanics for a more resilient and capable body.

Book now and get started.