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In the last few months, the number of runners and triathletes working with me has gone up. They come to me to work on their biomechanics and strength.
It is a real joy to see the work we do in the gym have a positive effect on their training to reach their race goals.

There are a few common exercises I have given my clients after I have screened them, and I thought I would share them here with you.

To help with movement, I often give these exercises to my clients (please don’t do any of these if you feel pain):

4 sigpicture of someone doing the 4sign exercise. Sitting with leg crossed.n
Sitting on a chair with one leg over the other, as in the picture. Push your leg up and stop it with your hand. Press with 20% effort and hold for 20 seconds, then relax. Do this 4 times on each side (if you are not sure what 20% is push with 100%, half to 50%, half to 25% and then take a bit more pressure off)

Picture of someone doing wall glide exercisesWall glides
Stand about 30-50 cm from the wall. Make sure your shoulder and elbow are attached to the wall at all times and that your side is against your arm. Slowly lower your body towards the wall (it doesn’t have to touch) and then away again. Do 2 x 8 on each side, twice a day.

Someone lying doing leg rollsLeg rolls
Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Keep your knees together and the insides of your feet together, and bring your knees to the side. Only go as far as you can keep your shoulder blades on the ground. Return to the start position and then do the same on the other side. Do 12 on each side

For strength, I often recommend the following based on the results of the screening:

Picture of someone prone strengthening hamstringsHamstring work
Lie on your back with a resistance band around your feet. Pull your heel to your bum.

Demonstration of crab walksGlute work/ Crab Walks with band around your knees.
Go to a squat position and then step to the side, pushing both left and right knees out into the band. Go as far as you can to the left and then make your way back to the start.

Demonstration of lungesLunges
Standing, step forwards with one foot and when you land bend your front knee and lower your back knee towards the ground. Keep your body upright and push off through your front foot (through both the ball of foot and heel) and bring the leg back to your starting position.

Author: Lorna Wilson

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