My experience of running 60 km

In May 2020, when there was much uncertainty around races,I decided to take things into my hands and set my own challenges. After my first challenge – to cycle 200km, the second was the triathlon ironman distance over 3 days; it was time to take on the third, and I decided to run an […]

The surprise of starting my perimenopause

While following a course on post natal training by Burrell Education I was made aware, via their marketing, of the fact that later in life women will hit perimenopause before their menopause, but I hadn’t realised at that point I might experience this already. 

I was 43 when I was suddenly experiencing wakeful nights. It […]

This is how I do it!

Recently one of my clients called me Superwoman because of my training schedule and triathlon adventures. Although I don’t think of myself quite like that, I do sometimes think I must be a bit different from others as I train almost everyday and I am driven by my race goals.

On the other hand, I […]

5 blessings of lockdown

It is more than 10 months since the first lockdown in the Netherlands took place. We now have a curfew and it is really tough for many people. My number one way to keep my spirits up over this period is to always be grateful for what I have. I think there is a […]

2020 for Wilson’s Workouts

The week leading up to lockdown in the Netherlands, I was preparing to go on holiday to Mallorca for a training week with my triathlon club. During this week my husband had sent me an account of a doctor in a hospital in Italy dealing with COVID cases, which was quite shocking. While I […]

What is movement?

The human body is designed for hunting and gathering. So if you are training 3 times a week for an hour, are you really moving regularly?

The answer to this question is: no. I am going to explain why that is.

The next thing I would do after saying “no” is to ask you what you […]

IMoveFreely video series – part 5

In this video we will focus on the shoulders. Some of us develop rounded shoulders that may be related to inactivity and being stuck in the same position for a longer period of time. 

If, for example, you are a runner with rounded shoulders, this can potentially have an impact on the movement of your […]

IMoveFreely video series – part 4

I created this video to help people with the movement of the lower back. Many of my clients, when moving move to the side as shown in the below picture, have very little movement in the spine:

Here is what you would really want your back to look like.  Can you see the difference?

As you […]

IMoveFreely video series – part 3

You are consistent with your training, however are looking for something that can help you even further? Often when we are busy training hard the quality of movement can suffer, especially if we are also sitting a lot in the meantime. The IMoveFreely programme was created to help improve movement for people just like […]

IMoveFreely video series – part 2

Do you suffer from niggles and frequent injuries? When you are ready to go for a run do you just get up from behind the computer and start running, then wonder why you keep getting a sore knee/hip/lower back? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this video series is for […]