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Perimenopause and incontinence

We tend to associate incontinence with being postnatal, but did you know that many women suffer from incontinence during perimenopause? And no, no one wants to talk about it.

Firstly, let’s talk about what urinary incontinence is.

Incontinence is when you are no longer able to control your bladder and there is leakage in urine. Most […]

Sleep and exercise

Did you realise that, when training,  the main work to improve your strength and fitness actually happens during the night?  

This blog is about the relationship between training and sleep..

Muscle growth

Yes, while you need to put in the hard work during the training sessions, what actually happens is, you are creating micro-tears in your muscles. […]

Perimenopause and insomnia

The first book that I read and made me realise I had the beginning stages of perimenopause is called “Period Repair Manual” by Lara Briden. I was experiencing waking through the night, which was crippling and was becoming a bit of a problem. One of the chapters in this book –  “What to expect […]

5-50-500 challenge

This blog isn’t about my challenge, but that of a new friend Jane. She is a client of a colleague, and we used to just say hi in the gym until a few weeks after lockdown when I got a message from her asking about whether open water swimming was possible because the pools […]

Perimenopause – Body composition changes

From reading both Roar by Stacy Sims and Menopocolypse by Amanda Thebe, I have learned that as women move through perimenopause, they can  experience changes in body composition. Many women will experience some fat gain during this time and this can be for many reasons.

This may come as a surprise to women and it […]

My secret tips on how to start running

I have been a runner now for about 15 years and I would like to, share a few tips on how to get started with running based on the experience I built up myself and working with clients.

Start slowly

When I have been with a client for their first run, sometimes we walk out the […]

My experience of running 60 km

In May 2020, when there was much uncertainty around races,I decided to take things into my hands and set my own challenges. After my first challenge – to cycle 200km, the second was the triathlon ironman distance over 3 days; it was time to take on the third, and I decided to run an […]

The surprise of starting my perimenopause

While following a course on post natal training by Burrell Education I was made aware, via their marketing, of the fact that later in life women will hit perimenopause before their menopause, but I hadn’t realised at that point I might experience this already. 

I was 43 when I was suddenly experiencing wakeful nights. It […]

Training around your menstrual cycle

A big revelation happened after watching this Ted Talk by Stacy Sims. She explains how research around sports performance is done on men because “women are an anomaly”. This means that the fact that women menstruate has led to us women being ignored by sports research. Luckily she has taken this up and done her […]

This is how I do it!

Recently one of my clients called me Superwoman because of my training schedule and triathlon adventures. Although I don’t think of myself quite like that, I do sometimes think I must be a bit different from others as I train almost everyday and I am driven by my race goals.

On the other hand, I […]