New office reveal

As I mentioned here, we moved into a new house earlier this year. With it came the much dreamed chance to have a new office.
I put a call out to you guys to help me come up with ideas on how I could design the room, with specific emphasis on the background for zoom classes and videos. As interior design isn’t really my thing, it was quite useful to get some help!

I managed to buy a second-hand Ikea adjustable standing desk that it is already set up and in use. For the background, we had a few good suggestions. One suggestion was to have my participation medals on show. There was also a request from the online class members to have some sort of feeling of nature. Ideas came in for wallpaper of various nature themes.

In the end, Veronica, who helps me with marketing and putting these newsletters together, came over to the house to help me get organised. She had previously been up with the wallpaper idea, but when she saw the space she felt that having a busy background would be a bit too much, specially as I will be standing in front of it during the online classes. So she suggested getting a couple of shelves and combine the medal and nature suggestion together.

So, without further ado, let me show you what I did:

medals and nature
grandparent's dancing trophy

The higher shelf adds a bit of nature with a hanging plant and a ballroom dancing trophy earned by my grandparents together with an old gymnastics trophy from my childhood.

The second shelf is a bit more up to date with some trophies from some local triathlons and a few medals chosen for their colourful ribbons.

trophies and medals

Under the shelves I’ve placed another plant. So if you are ever in a class with me do check to see if I have watered them recently. I am a bit worried I will forget them 🙈

Also, on a side wall that you won’t be able to see if you join a video, I plan to hang my participation medals like this. I’ve experimented first with Brian’s medals by putting them on a bar like this:

Participation medals

What do you think? Message me to let me know!

Oh, by the way, I totally overwhelmed Veronica when I showed her my bag of medals 😂

Author: Lorna Wilson

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