New workspace

For many years I have thought I’d like to have an office in my home where I could work on administration, client programmes, marketing, etc. Once I added online training sessions to my schedule, I wanted this even more, as asking my husband to move out of the living room every Thursday evening to do a class is not ideal.

With a few other reasons for having a bigger space, we looked for a new house during 2022, and finally, at the end of the year, we owned somewhere! Almost doubling our living space and adding a small garden and shed, I now have my own space! 

I’m now asking you for ideas on how to decorate. My workspace is a small space. It is around nine sqm, 3m x 3m.

Here are some photos of the room:

bike in room

corner of room.                     back wall

admin.                      Temporary setup at laptop

The biggest question is what to put behind me while I do online sessions and videos. I already have some suggestions for an outdoor view, such as a forest. Some people suggested my logo and a display of my medals from races.

Besides the online session area, I also need a designated space for a desk (sitting and standing) and another for books and small equipment.
My bike will also spend some time here for my workouts. :D

So, this is a call out to all of you that love designing spaces: how can I fit everything in my space? Please feel free to share your ideas with me via email or DM on social media.

Author: Lorna Wilson

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