In the Netherlands right now we have a flurry of days off (for some reason they are all around the same time of year, and then nothing until Christmas). On these days/long weekends there are many reasons to avoid movement, eat more than usual and socialise. And while this is really good for us to switch off from work and other stresses to have fun and chill out, it is good for our bodies to ensure we are also moving. This is why, I decided to share in this post my tips on how to stay active during long weekends while having fun:

  1. Plan your activities
    The first tip isn’t an actual activity: my first tip is planning. For all the following 4 tips, I recommend you already make the decision and commitment to yourself that you will do the activity. If you are vague about it there may be less chance you do it.

  2. Create activities around existing ones
    If you have young kids, get involved in the physical activities they are doing over the weekend. I don’t mean every activity, these kids can go for hours, right? Just  set a timer for eg 30 minutes of activity with them. Get stuck in and the time will fly and you have had good movement without having to take time away from them.

  3. Get active
    If you have older kids or no kids, get on your bikes, or out for a walk, explore the outdoors and enjoy movement. Katy Bowman provides great tips on how to get kids moving in this blog.

  4. Train first thing
    Get a training session in before you socialise. This is a favourite of mine. I love to get a workout first thing. Then the box is ticked and then I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day.

  5. Combine social with activity
    Plan your day around a fun activity. So have lunch at the beach after a walk along the beach. Assuming it is a nice day – bring a frisbee or ball to a picnic. Invite friends to the park to play volleyball.

Author: Lorna Wilson

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