A lot of my posts are on serious topics and I thought that it was time to have a bit of fun. Of course, we like to have good workouts but it is also important to have a bit of fun alongside. So what do you think about these exercises with unusual names or renamed exercises by my clients?

1. Clam
Can be done with a glute band around your knees. Lie on your side, with your head in hand. With your knees bent in front of you, keep your feet together and lift your knee up and down. You now resemble a clam. Sometimes we also call it the Jane Fonda.

 clam exercise2
2. Crab walk
Can be done with a glute band around your knees. Go down into a squat and walk sideways like a crab! Do you feel the burn?

3. The dead bug
Lie on your back with your arms and legs in the air. Lower your left arm and right leg to the ground, bring them back up and then lower your right arm and left leg to the ground. Personally, I think you’ll be resembling a dying bug than a dead one. :D

core exercise2  core exercise1
4. The rolly polly
This is a rename from a client. It is a mobilisation exercise and is called the leg roll. Lie on your back with your arms stretched and shoulder blades on the ground. With your knees bent, feet on the floor. Rotate your knees from side to side. Don’t let your shoulder blades come off the ground.

mobilisation exercise 1   mobilisation exercise 2
5. The eagle
Called the reverse flye, another renamed by a client. It can be done in a few ways but here is one using resistance bands. Stand up and hold a resistance band in both hands in front of you. With soft elbows, pull the arms out to the side. Now you are moving like an eagle.

arm exercise 1   arm exercise 2
6. James Bond
Step forwards into a lunge and then twist towards your front leg. And if you hold your hands together with your top fingers out like a gun of course you look exactly like James Bond.

   Lunge rotation 1
7. The Lorna minute
Not so much of an exercise but a way my clients like to tease me. Whenever I ask them to do something for a minute they think it is longer than a minute and hence gets called a “Lorna minute”.
Do you have any funny or unusual names for exercises? Share them with me and let’s include them in one of the boot camp sessions.
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Author: Lorna Wilson

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