Here is my third (and last) Christmas themed blog. If you missed the first two the are here and here.

Training over the festive season is a big challenge for many. With so much going on it is easy to be distracted.Festive season

It is nice to give yourself a bit of slack over this period but it is also a shame to let your fitness go completely.

Here is what helps me to continue training during the Christmas holidays:

  1. Having a plan
    Already having a plan to train over Christmas helps me. If you know what your social events and plans are then you can work out what days and times you can do a training session.
  2. Having a goal
    Similar to having a plan, knowing you have a sporting event coming up helps me with my training. Winter training is always, for me, about getting ready for triathlon season, so knowing what is coming in the spring and summer helps keep me motivated.
  3. Morning workouts
    I also do this when I am on holiday. I get up early, normally before anyone else and get out for a run so that the workout is done and ticked off and doesn’t impact other plans for the day or what other people are doing.I actually love to get up early on Christmas morning before everyone gets up to have some time to myself. Occasionally, when visiting my Mum, I will see a family up early with their Pyjamas on trying out their new bikes they got from Santa!
  4. Combining nature
    On the years I visit my Mum for Christmas, I love to get out into the countryside in Scotland. I am really drawn to run in the fresh air and running through the paths with fields either side of me after being inside throughout the cold days.
  5. Be flexible
    If it is not possible for you to do the sport/workout that you normally do, try to do something different. For example swap your swim for a power walk, swap your strength class for an at home HIIT session or swap your pilates class for an at home mobility or yoga session.
  6. Shorter workouts
    Be realistic about how much time you have and accept that it might not be the ideal training week. A shorter session is better than no session.

This time is meant to have fun, so be sure that you get the balance right between keeping healthy and enjoying the festive season.

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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