Happy new year! How did your holiday break go. Did you keep up with your training over this period, did you find it easy or hard to keep on track?


Parkrun, Aberdeen, Scotland

Now we are deep into January I have already started to set some sporting goals for myself for the year. I have signed up for a half distance triathlon in August and penciled in a few shorter triathlons during the summer. This gives me motivation to keep up my training – week in week out.

During the holidays, despite travelling to Scotland for 5 days I still did a good amount of training. How did I do this? – I adapted, took advantage of what was available, made plans and went to a fun sporting event.

  1. Adapting to what is available – I don’t have a bike in Scotland, nor did I fancy bringing one so most of my training involved running. I find it really easy to throw a running kit into my suitcase and I can start running from outside my Mum’s front door.
  2. Taking advantage – In Scotland, where my Mum lives is surrounded by countryside and there are hills. It is definitely easy to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings as well as the variety that hills bring when you are used to running on the flat here in Amsterdam.
  3. Planning – My triathlon coach already plans what to do but on top of that I really needed to make sure I plan the session in each day. For me, it is easiest to train in the morning because then I don’t have to think about it anymore. The only problem was that the first day I got up to run, it was so dark outside that I had to wait until it started to get a bit lighter, as there were no street lights on some of my run route
  4. Sporting event – This one was a suggestion of my husband. On the Sunday morning, we got up and went to the beach at Aberdeen and ran the Parkrun. Parkrun is a weekly 5km held in many towns around the UK and other countries around the world. It was fun and an opportunity to also get together with some friends.

So, I successfully managed to navigate the Christmas and New Years period keeping myself fit despite the distractions. I now have goals to keep myself going for the year ahead which really helps keep me in check and always consistent.

To reach my goals one of the most important things is remaining consistent. It is for this reason that I have started up a 6 month membership to my boot camps/strength training for runners classes. This keeps you committed to come regularly and gets you results. You can check out more here.

Author: Lorna Wilson

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