One of the important aspects of training which helps with making progress is being consistent. If you train Consistencyonce every couple of weeks you won’t make progress, however, if you can commit to two or three sessions a week it is definitely possible to make gains in strength, condition and your health.

I have had a think of how I can help you do this and have come up with something new. I now have a new booking system for all my classes. You can sign up to all my classes there. You have the option to commit yourself for a whole month at a time, but you can also sign up and commit to a 6 month package, and also benefit from a discount. 

I even went a step forward and gave you the possibility to come to one session a week or you can have unlimited access to any of the classes. Another advantage of this is that I have 4  boot camps so if you can’t make one class, you can come to another class instead.  If you are still commitment phobic you can sign up for an individual class instead.

With all these options I feel that I have made it easier for you to be committed to your health and fitness goals. I definitely see the biggest progress in fitness with those participants who are signed up and come regularly.

I am lucky to attract a great group of people to my classes who love to encourage each other and many have become friends. If you want to come along and workout with them, you can try out a class for free.

So, if you are looking for consistency in your training you are very welcome to my classes, you can sign up here.

Author: Lorna Wilson

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