I started my boot camp about 12 years ago in Amsterdam. I was one of the first in Amsterdam to bring the outdoor fitness class to town. It was already popular in the USA and UK but still not so  much in the Netherlands.

I quite like doing my own thing and not necessarily following the trends around me. That is in general, not just in the fitness world :). And this is why I think my boot camp can differ from many others.

We meet in the Vondelpark on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings. I have endeavoured to create a group class where everyone feels welcome.

Based on the feedback I get, many people around my age, find that the classes they see around the Vondelpark are full of young, fit people who wear super trendy sports clothes. They don’t feel like they can keep up and are scared to even join in. But they still like the idea of working out outside.

As well as keeping fit, some people in the group are looking to the future. They want to have a longer active life and take control of what that looks like. Some will have seen parents struggle because they haven’t looked after their fitness and they want to avoid doing the same. Others want to avoid osteoporosis and other problems in older age. There are members of the group who have done sport at a high level in the past and may have old injuries to deal with and we come up with alternative exercises for them. And there are others that just want to train in an environment where they are supported by the rest of the group and they like to be able to catch up from week to week (although I do sometimes have to up the intensity if they lose focus and chat too much ;) )

Personally I am not the most fashionable person in the world and, in the winter, I dress to keep warm. So there is absolutely no pressure to look like a fashion model during the workout.

Besides these outdoor classes, I have online classes that you are also welcome to join.

So, if you are interested in working out outside but you are a bit intimidated or scared to get started, drop me an email and we can organise for you to try out a class for free. 

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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