Do you have any fitness goals? How do you go about achieving them? Do you know where to start? Do you know how to make it work for you?

In this post I’d like to give you a few tips on how to set up your fitness goals and go about achieving them. 

Picking your goal

While it should be achievable (the A of smart goals), I don’t think it is wrong to pick something that makes you a little bit scared. When you achieve it, you can really appreciate the process that went in to make it happen. Recently clients have had goals such as getting up from the ground easier, getting better at swimming (to eventually be able to do open water swimming), reduce chance of injury while training for a marathon, swim 18km and run 10km. For others it is all about consistent training to keep themselves healthier.

What is important when choosing a goal, is to help you move forward.  

Break it down

If your goal is to do 15 pull ups and you can’t do any, then set some goals to reach a certain number of assisted pull ups with the help of a power band first. If you want to run a marathon but don’t run, first sign up for a 5km run and train for that and build from there. 

If you want to swim in open water, take some lessons to improve your technique and overcome any fears you have of being in deep water.

Find ways to work for your lifestyle

When you make your training work to your lifestyle it makes it easier to get it done. 

For example, I currently have a new boot camp member who joins online. She has a new dog and runs her own business. Getting out and about to a gym is a bit tricky and takes too much time, so she loves the ability to get her workouts in her own home and easily move to the next task or meeting on her agenda. 

Personally, I am a member of a gym that is close to home. It is super convenient and makes it harder to call off a session. 

If there are too many obstacles in front of you, it only makes life harder.

Find a workout buddy

One of my clients has a goal to swim the length of a local lake. She really wants to get to the pool in the mornings, but during the winter months she struggles to get out the door. She asked around for someone to swim with and a boot camp member is going to start swimming with her next week. That means no more excuses such as: the house is too warm and cosy to leave. (Can’t wait to hear how that works out).

If you are new to training – start slow

One of the reasons people fall out of training is that people are too ambitious and think they can go zero to 100 straight away. Because it takes time to make habits, it is fine to take things slowly and build up. It might not seem much but, if you are currently sedentary, just getting out for a short walk is a step into the right direction.  

Get some help

I love triathlons, however, I am not a triathlon coach. I find it quite hard to plan for my own workouts as I find it difficult to be objective. Having someone to discuss how things are going and adapt accordingly really works well for me. Especially in Amsterdam there are no end of different professionals to help you with your fitness goals. 


What are you waiting for? Did you already set up your fitness goals? Let me know.

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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