I always try to get the positive out of a situation so, after writing a few blogs about the symptoms of perimenopause, I thought I needed to write something less negative. I wanted to write a blog about the positive side of this phase of life. However, in discussion with a friend who said, I quote “I can’t see a positive side to perimenopause”, I realised that, while some women will breeze through with few symptoms,  for others it can be a huge struggle and takes a lot of work just to get through the day. And perhaps not everyone needs a blog by an energetic personal trainer that they just can’t relate to, might make them pissed off, angry and not listened to. :- ) 

So, what to write about???  

I think support is perhaps a positive side of the subject. Don’t you agree?

Support as a Personal Trainer

In my opinion, the positive side is the fact I can give some support to clients going through perimenopause. I think for my clients, the fact that I have gained some knowledge on the subject can help them identify what is going on with their bodies. I can help clients reduce the decline in bone mass and muscle density. Some clients just like to speak about it with me without feeling uncomfortable (or maybe they do feel a bit uncomfortable but at least with someone who has some understanding). And of course a workout can help with stress that can exacerbate symptoms and a burst of endorphins can go a long way. If the perimenopause is causing sleep issues we can also adapt the session to take that into account. Afterall, we build muscles during sleep. I also realise that what I can offer is limited and then I can refer you to some other resources.

Support from books

I have noticed that in the last couple of years there have been a lot of new books appearing to help with peri/menopause. Here are a couple that I am familiar with.

Menopocalype by Amanda Thebe
This is a book written by a personal trainer who had a very unexpected and rough start to perimenopause. She has used her own story to explain more about what peri/menopause is and has, with help of experts created this book of information on the subject as well as what you can do to help yourself.





Preparing for the Perimenopause and menopause by Louise Newson

This is a shorter book by a gynecologist in the UK, that packs a lot of information on the subject and how to get help.






The Menopause Manifesto by Dr Jen Gunter

I haven’t finished this book yet. She goes into more depth on the subject, also discussing the history of menopause and that it is often viewed negatively.







What other types of support would you like on this subject? Feel free to reply with an email.

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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