A couple of weeks ago, Natalie from PhysioMatters and I gave a workshop at ATAC – the Amsterdam Triathlon and Cycling club.

I’ve been a member at ATAC for more than a year now, and the idea to give a workshop there was a way of giving something back to the club. Also, I know that the benefits of Biomechanics are extra-useful to people who train a lot.

As a matter of fact, one of my first Biomechanics clients was a fellow thriathlon-er I know from ATAC, Chloe de Roos Feinberg, whose experience you can read about here.

During the workshop, Natalie and I talked about common injuries associated with triathlon and cycling, what can be done to prevent them and injury management in general.

We also did a practical session using Biomechanics Coaching where we showed how the body should move and we presented some very effective exercises meant to correct the body, facilitate ease of movement and reduce injury, thus making training more efficient.

The workshop was very well received. ATAC members were specifically interested in how Biomechanics exercises could help them with their training and the challenges they face with recurring injuries.

Later edit: Ranna wrote about the workshop on her blog, check it out!

Last week I went to this Injury Prevention and Management Workshop organised by the by this super nice club,ATAC Triathlon and Cycling Club in Amsterdam.  It was super interesting, especially the part where, Lorna Wilson, a Scot and member of ATAC, introduced to us the concept biomechanics.

Biomechanics is the study of muscular imbalances or biomechanical faults due to e.g. poor hip joints, flat foot or different length of legs which then can make you more prone to injury in the knees, hips, ankle or back and so on without having to be related to training.  You can go for a screening and then get simple exercises to correct that.  Pretty interesting.

Author: Lorna Wilson

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