One of my clients started Personal Training sessions with a sore back – he had been suffering from back pain for quite a while. When we started training, he was doing a lot of compensation and was feeling discomfort in his back even during basic exercises.

I screened him and found where the dysfunction was – one spot along his spine. You can see in this picture that when he bent to the left, his spine had a kink. This means that when he moved, most of the weight went through this one spot – hard work, don’t you think? This is bound to lead to and create pain.


before copy


I gave him a set of exercises, and this is how his spine looked like after one week of doing them.




He’s now able to train without feeling discomfort in his back. He can exercise so much better, progress more safely and more efficiently.

If you are suffering from back stiffness, get in touch with me for an appointment. I’d love to work with you towards your recovery.


Author: Lorna Wilson

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