According to the Cambridge dictionary online, the definition of a personal trainer is “someone whose job is to help you become stronger and healthier by deciding which exercises you should do and showing you how to do them.”

Personal training and biomechanics coaching

But what does personal training look like?

Personal training is generally one-to-one training but can also be one-to-two training. The general goal of the client will be to become stronger and healthier, but what this looks like might depend on the specific goals of the client and/or the specialities of the personal trainer. The trainer should ensure good form for the client while also considering that everyone moves differently. The training should be specific for the client and be progressed at an appropriate level.

Below I will share a few tips on what to look out for when it comes to personal training and how you can include biomechanics coaching into the mix to fully enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and energising nature of sport and exercise more than ever, so keep on reading!

How to set up goals and track progress with PT?

tracking goals and progress

A personal trainer should spend time when you meet to find out about your history, previous training routine, injuries, illness, etc., and goals. On some occasions, a referral to another professional might be required.

During your training, personal trainers will monitor your progress in different ways so you can see your progress. I’m a bit old school and prefer the pen-and-paper approach.

How to choose the right trainer for you?

The right personal trainer

When choosing a personal trainer, I believe the most important thing is a positive click. You need to feel comfortable with them. Not every personal trainer is the right trainer for every client.

When I am working in the gym, I can see how all my colleagues are unique and work in their own way with their clients. This is a good thing; we shouldn’t all work similarly. We also have different specialities and, of course, biases based on our education and experience.

Learning about fitness and health is a never-ending subject, so it is worth looking at the trainer’s specialities. If you are interested in cross fit, then better to work with a trainer who does that themselves or has experience training people doing cross fit (that means don’t come to me 😀).

It is also important to listen to the language the trainer uses. Personally, I believe trainers should be positive in how they speak. The focus should be on encouragement, what you are doing well, and how you can do better without telling you what not to do. You can read more about how words can affect how we move here.

Referrals can also be a good way to find a new trainer but bear in mind what works for your friend might be different from what works for you.

How long should you train?

How long should you train?

How long you might work with a personal trainer is entirely personal. It might be that your budget will impact this decision.

Some clients may train with a trainer until they reach a goal, and they go off and train on their own. Some people like that a trainer keeps them motivated and on track to train week after week. And others love to train but enjoy the extra push a trainer brings them.

So, how long you work with a trainer depends on what the client is looking for.


pricing of personal training

Pricing of personal training in Amsterdam can be quite varied. You can get discounts for buying more sessions, signing up for a longer period or doing a certain number of sessions in a week. Prices per hour vary from 50 to 100 euros an hour.

Even if your goal isn’t to build a stronger body, biomechanics sessions can help build a more supple and resilient body for endurance sports like running, cycling, swimming, etc.

Based on the biomechanics sessions, you’ll receive a customized training program to ensure that your body becomes more resilient to the demands of training and everyday life. And that means you can fully enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and energizing nature of sport and exercise more than ever.

The video below shows what you can expect during your first biomechanics session with me.

I love being able to help clients improve their movement and move towards their own goals. If you are interested in improving your movement and have a screening like this please send me an email or go here.


Author: Lorna Wilson

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