Training for hills in a flat city

On the 1st of November I started my training for the Boston Marathon.

And the biggest challenge is: how to train for a hilly course in a completely flat city?

Here are some of the training tools we (my coach and I) have come up with that are going to help with this challenge:

Strength training – I will be increasing the number of sessions in the gym for some hill specific strength training.

Adding fake hills into long runs – there is a big pedestrian bridge on the other side of town. I’ll be incorporating it into some of my long runs – I’m planning to spend quite some time running over it.

Hill repeats – there is one “hill” in the Amsterdamse Bos. I will no doubt be heading over there for some harder workouts.

Cross country – when we start ramping up my training in the new year I’m going to enter some cross country races so that I can find some more challenging terrain.

What do you think? Any more ideas?

Author: Lorna Wilson

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