Do you suffer from niggles and frequent injuries? When you are ready to go for a run do you just get up from behind the computer and start running, then wonder why you keep getting a sore knee/hip/lower back? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this video series is for you.

By doing these videos you reduce your chance of injury and give your body a better chance of being prepared to train. Our bodies aren’t designed to be still. We still need the movement that our hunter, gatherer ancestors had. The exercises in these videos will help to prevent these frequent irritations, stiffness and injuries. They assist in bringing your body back to move how it should.

In the below video I am demonstrating an exercise to release the muscles in your glutes. The purpose  is to improve how you move, so you feel less stiff and to help you perform better in training. Then I move on to strengthen this new movement, which helps stabilise the pelvis.

Here is the second video in the series:

If you do have pain, remember to see an appropriate health professional.

If you missed the first video you can look here.


Author: Lorna Wilson

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