You are consistent with your training, however are looking for something that can help you even further? Often when we are busy training hard the quality of movement can suffer, especially if we are also sitting a lot in the meantime. The IMoveFreely programme was created to help improve movement for people just like yourself, bringing your body back to what we are designed for. This means when you do sport, you have a better chance of performing at a higher level. On top of that they help reduce the chance of injury.

This video is focusing on providing a release of the hip flexors (the front of your hip that join your leg to your pelvis). Once we get that part of your body moving, the video shows exercises to help you work to stabilise your pelvis. By following this structure,  we are  creating better movement and we are working towards holding this enhancement in place. The more you can do these exercises the better!

I would love to hear how you get on with them.

If you do have pain, remember to see an appropriate health professional. 

Get the first video in the series here.


Author: Lorna Wilson

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