A couple of years back I created a stand alone programme to help with the movement of the pelvis. I did this because I realised that the Biomechanics Coaching can’t be reached by everyone and wanted to present  an option to access a basic version of what I do with my clients.

By improving our movement in the pelvis we can also become more efficient with sport. It is a great opportunity to get faster, higher or stronger – depending on what your goals are.

The programme is 21 days long and has 21 videos; no video is longer than 20 minutes. To ensure you get the most benefit from taking on such a programme, just locate 20 minutes each day. After all, we do lots of repetitive movements and also have a lot of inactivity that can negatively impact us. It can sometimes take time to undo this. 

There are two types of exercises in the programme. One is an exercise to help release muscles that are struggling to relax and the other exercises are to help strengthen and stabilise your pelvis into this new improved way of movement.

To complete this programme you require a resistance band and somewhere comfortable to lie on, such as an exercise or yoga mat.

If you are interested in this programme you can purchase it here.

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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