The primary benefit of coming to boot camp is,of course, to get fit in, with a group dynamic. However, I like to think my class is unique and provides a lot of benefits that you may not have thought of before. I also asked my clients what are the benefits for attending my class, and incorporated their feedback below.

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    1. Community

      Especially for my live class, I can see that my clients are happy to see each other when they join the class. They like to catch up with each other every week and find out how their weeks have gone. You know when there is a good connection within the group when you see that members with complementary businesses come together to help each other out.

      A big proportion of the group are women over 40 years old. With the unique challenges that bring, it is a place where these women can feel comfortable to share how they are feeling. Members of the group also like to share their stories and if someone has done something special the week previous, someone will always ask how it went. 


    1. Welcoming & fun

      I feel lucky that I have attracted such a great bunch of members to my group. New members who have joined express that they have felt welcome by the group. With 80% of the group not being from the Netherlands, it can sometimes be daunting to not only move to another country, but to join a new fitness group can be an added stress. 

      It is important to me that everyone feels welcome. On asking members what they like about boot camp the words “fun” and “happy” popped up a few times.


    1. Injury prevention

      I have had a few clients who have either worked with me 1-1 or have worked with other professionals on injuries, who find that coming  regularly to my classes helps prevent recurrences of their injuries. I am also able to work around small niggles that sometimes come up in daily life and this is appreciated by the group. One member has been able to build up her running using the strength she has developed from the class and really notices a correlation between how often she does boot camp and how her running is going.


    1. Stick to goals and habits

      The majority of my boot camp members come to the classes every week without fail. They make it a habit, add it to their diaries and make sure to keep the time clear. There is a real feeling of commitment to the group that makes them turn up week on week.


  1. Online options

    The online classes that have been created since the first lockdown have given members who have left Amsterdam an opportunity to come back to boot camp. Some members, when visiting families for extended periods, are happy they can continue from wherever they are. Others like the fact they can save time on getting to the class. The Monday lunchtime class is particularly handy for those working at home to stop their work, have a workout and then get straight back into what they were doing.

As you can see a Wilson’s Workouts boot camp is just not a class where you turn up, workout and then go home. There are many other benefits that my members get from the class. If you are interested in trying out a class for free you can sign up here.

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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