Probably hot flashes is the most associated symptom with the perimenopause. I am sure growing up we all had an older female relative who suffered badly from this.

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Associated with the hot flashes, women can also suffer from night sweats and cold flashes. I’ve experienced becoming hot overnight but, I haven’t really experienced a hot flash. however, this is how the NHS website describes it: “They’re often described as a sudden feeling of heat that seems to come from nowhere and spreads throughout the body. You might also experience sweating, palpitations and flushing of the face.” I am sure that each woman experiences this differently to each other.

From my reading, it seems that the actual reason for hot flashes isn’t completely known; one theory I read about is that changes in estrogen affect the hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating body temperature.  

Similar to other symptoms of perimenopause, taking time for yourself will be helpful. So many women at this phase in their lives are running after kids and worrying about aging parents. I realise it can be hard, but working on taking care of yourself will put you in a better position against these symptoms. It will also be worth trying cutting back on alcohol and see if that helps. Another thing you can do is to speak with your doctor about hormone therapy and there are some supplements such as magnesium that you can look into with appropriate guidance.

I thought that rather than to focus on dealing with the symptoms, I’d share some tips form “Roar” by Stacy Sims on what you can do to make training easier when you experience hot flashes:

  1. Precool and hydrate with a low-sugar electrolyte drink to reduce core temperature. Keep hydrating throughout the day.
  2. Because you aren’t able to handle heat so well through perimenopause, you can use cool towels or cool-water immersion. During the session eat cool foods and fluids.
  3. You actually sweat later in activity, so focus on hydration. She recommends eating your fuel, rather than drinking it.

Not all women experience hot flashes during their perimenopuase and some will suffer more than others. I am curious to hear from you. Are you experiencing hot flashes? Did you try any of the above tips for your training? What works best for you?


Author: Lorna Wilson

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