Recently one of my clients called me Superwoman because of my training schedule and triathlon adventures. Although I don’t think of myself quite like that, I do sometimes think I must be a bit different from others as I train almost everyday and I am driven by my race goals.triathlon1

On the other hand, I strongly believe there must be some of my motivators that can be used by others and be of benefit to their fitness and health. So here are a few of my tips and mindsets that I use:


I have made exercise a habit. I think less about whether or not I will train today but more “what is my training today?” That is apart from Fridays which is my rest day, and I really dislike training on a Friday ;).

This means that training is a fact, rather than something I need to make a decision on. Training is, therefore, a lot easier to get done.


Although I might not schedule it to the minute, I always make sure that I have time each day to train. When I am organising training sessions with my clients I always check that there is going to be a time in my agenda for my training sessions. It is really nonnegotiable that I will get my training in. 

Will this nourish me?

I’m not saying that I always eat the best foods all the time. I do love a bag of crisps and if chocolate enters the house, it may not last long. However, generally, I tend to look at food and decide whether it will be good for my goals or not. By having this positive view of “healthy” foods I find the motivation to keep a good diet 80% of the time pretty easy.

EnjoymentRun for fun!

I have picked a sport that I love. I enjoy the competition and the challenge of improving and getting faster. I have made a lot of friends in this sport and love seeing people I know at races. By loving what you are training for, it gives you a greater motivation to train. I have a client who loves tango and is motivated to go to her dance lessons to improve her skill and enjoy it more. 

My boot campers often tell me they feel better after, they are happy to train so that they can enjoy being strong, and being fit helps with their daily lives. They also love the social aspect, catching up with each other each week. You might have to try a few things to see what you love, but it is worth taking the time.

Enjoy life

I also train and look after my health and fitness because I still want to do this in my 70s. By putting the work in and creating the habits  now, will definitely stand me in good stead in the future. As a group of older walkers came past a PT session lately my client asked me if the instructor would be me in my 70s, I found myself automatically saying yes! I want to be able to enjoy my health and fitness for a long time to come and still motivate others.biomechanics

If you are struggling with getting going with your training, perhaps some of these tips/mindsets will help you to get going.

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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