On my new bike trainer

It is more than 10 months since the first lockdown in the Netherlands took place. We now have a curfew and it is really tough for many people. My number one way to keep my spirits up over this period is to always be grateful for what I have. I think there is a positive consequence of exclaiming that you are extremely lucky. I have therefore taken some time to come up with my 5 blessings of lockdown.

  1. More consistent training
    With limits of travel, for both holidays and business trips, I am able to see my clients more often. It is great to see their progress and consistency. Seeing each other on a more regular basis helps set in good habits and is more motivating for my clients.
  2. Training is great for the mind
    Not unexpectedly I have some clients who have real challenges, for example, juggling children and working from home and not being able to travel to loved ones, they really look forward to their training and find that it helps their mindset. A moment to focus on yourself and forget about other things really sets you up for a more energised day.It can also be a social moment for clients as they are seeing friends and family less than normal. They can have a moan or share successes if they want and I lend them an ear. And I also find it is also good for my mind to have regular contact with my clients too.
  3. Broadening reach via online training
    The most amazing and unexpected thing about this year was that by offering classes online I have attracted people from all over the world. Previous Personal Training clients and boot campers are joining classes calling in from England, France, Indonesia, New Zealand and my sister joins from Scotland. Over the summer period when there was a bit more travel, I had clients join from their holiday cottages so they felt they were keeping up with the others in the group. I am so happy to have the opportunity to guide and coach more people!
  4. Training outside
    As long as I can continue working out in some way I am pretty much content. I am lucky that being a triathlete it has been quite straightforward for me to continue to train outside. For clients, we also have the option to do personal training sessions outside which I am so happy about. It is great to be outdoors (even though my feet suffer when it’s cold) and adapting to a slightly different way of training.
  5. We now have a bike trainer at home!
    This is a really personal blessing. I used to always do our indoor bike sessions at the gym on a Wattbike. This worked well but just after the lockdown in March, one of our friends gave us his old one. It is a trainer that you put your own bike on, so it is set up better than the one at the gym. I was so grateful to him for this. It was really hard to get hold of any fitness equipment at the start of lockdown. We have since upgraded our own bike trainer and now have one that is almost too complicated for me haha!

So, as you can see, I have a lot to be grateful for and this helps set me up for a happier life and makes it a bit easier to navigate through this time in lockdown.

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Author: Lorna Wilson

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