In this video we will focus on the shoulders. Some of us develop rounded shoulders that may be related to inactivity and being stuck in the same position for a longer period of time. 

If, for example, you are a runner with rounded shoulders, this can potentially have an impact on the movement of your shoulders in your running form. You could also restrict your breath that, of course, if improved can also have a positive effect on your running. 

Likewise, this is a good video to follow after you have been out on your race bike, as again you are in that rounded position for a long time.

In the video we do an exercise to help the muscles release, giving you more movement – the main muscle involved here is the pectoralis minor. We then do some strength work to help strengthen and stabilise the shoulders in place. Like anything else, the more you do them the quicker the results you get out of it.

 I often receive a positive reaction to the strength exercises from my clients; they feel more open and mobile around their chest after.

Be aware that if you have pain you should consult a health professional before doing these exercises. 

If you missed the first video in my series you can find it here.


Author: Lorna Wilson

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