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Since changing the direction of my services from quite a generic Personal Training Service to focusing more and more on movement I have found myself in the enviable position of having a job I love more and more.

More than 2 years ago I qualified as a Biomechanics Coach and this has been a real game changer for me. Being able to guide people towards performing better at their chosen sport with less niggles and pain gives me great job satisfaction.

In the last few weeks I have helped clients to the following results:

  • One client after one session reported less IT band tension while running. After the second session she had no more problems with her hamstring when sprinting.
  • A triathlete completed a run (5km), bike (20km), run (3km) in a record time after having to stop running 2 months previously due to a pain injury. She did have some discomfort at the end but nothing compared to the pain she had felt a few weeks previously. In this case we worked in tandem with Natalie from  She has now, 2 weeks later, been able to complete a tough triathlon training camp that included both a 9km run and a run with intervals with reduced discomfort.
  • A runner who had had to reduce her running training to short 5km runs due to some niggling pains in her lower back, knee and sometimes her ankle. On seeing her the 3rd time she had managed to increase her running to 7km with no issues.
  • A runner completed a hilly half marathon reducing her time from 2:50 to 2:30. I am now working with her to complete her first marathon in the autumn.
  • A crossfitter was complaining of some discomfort in her hip resulting in her not being able to perform as well as she would have liked. She no longer feels this discomfort and now reports that her workouts are going better.

All these clients have worked hard on personalised exercises I have given them based on a screening process (see here) to achieve their goals. I love working with them and it’s so great to see them come back with results.

If you want to make progress on your training and are curious to see one of the exercises I give to my clients then email me to set up a free 30 minute intake.

Author: Lorna Wilson

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