Tine started training with me at the start of February 2017.

In her own words this is her experience working with me:

“I was always afraid to run, but had the dream to do a sprint triathlon, afraid of the pain and injuries, I thought I could never run, but with your strength training I exceeded my expectations and even ran up to 10 km! I am now really happy because I can diverse my training schedule include it with running! And I feel stronger then ever!”

She had a few reasons for coming:

  • She was diagnosed with arthrosis in the lower back starting at the age of 22. She has it under control but she knows that keeping strong is one of the things that can help her.
  • She was having some trouble with her knee when she was running.
  • She had signed up for her first sprint triathlon.
  • She had a 10km swim in a few months and in 2019 she planTine cyclings to swim the Gibraltar straight.

Tine was already used to doing strength training. She was an avid swimmer and had become a swim instructor, she had recently started running and was a member of a running group.  She could be described as a middle of the pack at swimming, running and cycling and trains because she enjoys it and how it makes her feel.  She has no ambition for podium but would like to see improvements in performance.

As normal in how I work together with my clients we started with a Biomechanics Screening. One of the movements that we wanted to improve involved the glutes maximus (largest bum muscle).  The actions of the glute maximus is hip extension (bringing your leg backwards), adduction (brings your leg inward towards the other leg) and external rotation (rotating the leg outwards from the pelvis). As you can imagine these movements are really useful in the action of running so by making these movements more fluid it could create a positive impact on how her knee was feeling.

We included strength training into her programme and after a few sessions she reported that her knee no longer had pain when she was running. She was super happy and she was more excited to complete her first triathlon that she did in June 2017triathlon success.

I see Tine once a week for strength training and to keep working on her movement.   She has since completed runs up to 10km, more triathlons, each one seeing improvements and a 10km swim (together with her friend Corrien who you can read about here). We have a lot of fun training together and sharing our respective swim, bike and run experiences. I’m really proud of her many and growing number of physical achievements.


Author: Lorna Wilson

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