After being a Personal Trainer for about 5 years I was satisfied and happy with my work but I had the feeling something was missing. I had clients who weren’t able to move in what I learned was good form and then other clients who had “perfect form” that could still get niggles and pain. This could be for example that shoulders were coming up during a row or knees falling in in a squat.  My feeling was that there was something going on inside the client’s bodies that I wasn’t able to see.  Coaching the client to change their movement didn’t work, so what was going on?

Biomechanics Coach screening

I was introduced to the idea of Biomechanics Coaching by a fellow Personal Trainer and signed up for the full course to become a Specialised Biomechanics Course.  What I really liked about the Biomechanics Coaching system is that it was designed using an evidence based system.  After completion I really felt that I could offer my clients something that was over and above what I had been able to do as a Personal Trainer.

The benefits to my clients are that I give them the ability to take control of improving their own movement. I go through a screening process with them and give them exercises they can do themselves at home, at work and or in the office to make improvements.  We also go through changes in what they do on a daily basis that can help too.  I have had clients increase their time standing at work, carrying bags on two shoulders instead of one, sitting less, using their smart phones less, generally getting up and moving around more, etc. – basically change the way they live their day to day lives.

What we don’t do as Biomechanics coaches is treat pain and we can’t promise pain relief.  But in saying that I have had many clients report that doing the exercises has lowered their pain or made it disappear completely.  I have also helped clients reduce their risk of injury during their preparations for triathlons (including Ironman), marathons and 10k swims.  This is an amazing feeling for me, to support people reach their goals and improve their movement. I love it!

Author: Lorna Wilson

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